Raised Floor:

We have been working at the IBM-Boulder Data Center for 6 ½ Years, and are the Primary Cabling Contractor.  In the past 6 ½ years we have installed over 90% of all new cabling and equipment on the raised floorsat IBM-Boulder.  We have worked hand in hand with IBM’s Hardware/Floor Planners, AT&T Network Architects, and IBM Project Managers to meet IBM’s cabling and equipment installation needs.


Data Centers:

Data Centers are usually the central hub of a Wide Area Network and often consist of overhead and raised floor work.  We, at Xcel Communications, have designed/ co-designed and installed multiple data centers.  Our experience can  save time and money by helping to avoid mistakes and less efficient designs.



Overhead Cabling:

Traditional Overhead Cabling has been the bulk of our business for the entire 20 years of our existence. Typical installations usually consist of building out a data closet with racks, servers and patch panels that supply a suite or entire floor.  Multi-floor installation are also common and usually require data closets on each floor linked with fiber optic cabling.  We do it all!





Often before new cable can be added older existing cable must be removed for ceiling space and inspections.  Xcel Communications can demo the old cable in a timely, cautious manor.  This care minimizes accidental decommission of active circuits.